The Best Care Routine for a Dry Scalp

The Best Care Routine for a Dry Scalp

MAY 17, 2023

Our scalp is an essential part of our hair care routine that is often overlooked. If you’re dealing with unruly hair or scalp irritation, most likely, a dry scalp is to blame. Everything from the change in seasons to using an excess of dry shampoo can lead to a dry, irritated scalp. Luckily we’ve got a few tips to remedy this! 

How to Take Care of a Dry Scalp

Start with a Detox

Over time, hard water, products, and environmental debris cause an excess of build-up on the scalp and strands. Exfoliation — either with a scalp scrub or a clarifying treatment — is one of the best ways to treat this. By removing buildup, you allow the treatments and products that follow to truly penetrate the skin and hair shaft. This leads to an invigorated scalp and more moisturized results. 

Is It Dry Scalp? Or Dandruff?

The symptoms of a dry scalp and dandruff are similar — you’ll notice itchiness, dry skin, and flaking. The big difference is that a dry scalp is caused by a lack of moisture, while dandruff is caused by inflammation that often triggers an overgrowth of fungus. 

The Best Dry Scalp Treatments 

  • Scalp scrubs — Many over-the-counter and DIY scalp scrub options can help exfoliate your skin. By physically removing build-up and energizing the scalp, you give your scalp the chance to absorb any treatments that follow, like moisturizing oils.
  • Moisturizing oils — Following the Ayurvedic and South Asian practice of hair oiling — applying a hair oil like Good2Gro Hemp Oil to the root area and massaging can improve scalp function while nourishing the area.
  • Massage — Whether massaging conditioner or an exfoliant into the roots, applying consistent pressure in small circular motions can invigorate the scalp while working moisturizing agents into the area.  

Prevention is Key

Each day our scalp is susceptible to irritants and routines that can dry it and cause discomfort. If you want to prevent a dry scalp, a few changes to your daily life can improve your function. 

  • Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol when possible. This will help fix the problem from the inside out. 
  • Next, avoid over-washing or excess heat when styling. The heat from water or hot tools can damage or dry out the scalp leading to severe irritation.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients in your formulas. Alcohols, certain essential oils, and sulfates can be drying, so finding formulas without these will help balance the scalp.

The Takeaway

Be mindful of the skin underneath your hair and, if necessary, speak with a doctor or dermatologist about your symptoms. You could have an underlying issue that needs medical treatment. 


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